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Playbook Illustrations

Playbook is for organizing, sharing, and collaborating on creative files and projects with other users together. I created promotional materials to use for their app and website under the theme of “Work from home”.

Frog Attack Team

In a mysterious land of frogs, Frog Tae, Frog Sauce, and Frog Taro form the “Frog Attack Team”. One day, they heard of a magical rainbow lake in the distance, and it was said that there were magical treasures hidden in the lake. The three frogs decided to embark on an adventure and overcome obstacles. […]


In 2022, the code industry broke a net worth of $20 Billion. With over 25 million developers globally, code drives everything from basic sites to space navigation. And it’s still growing. Enter Integrify, a training and recruitment platform that exists to change what’s next for the coders and companies of the world. Integrify breaks down […]


Aerial images were taken while flying above many small and large towns in the southern California area. Some of these images were intentional and for others I was merely flying from point A to point B and decided to take some photos of the various patterns of the many sub divisions