Elevate Your WordPress Experience: Embrace Updraft Plus for Effortless Website Protection

In the dynamic world of website management, safeguarding your digital assetsis paramount. For WordPress users, securing reliable backup solutions is notjust a best practice but a necessity. Enter Updraft Plus – a powerful pluginthat simplifies the backup and restoration process, earning the trust ofmillions of website owners worldwide. Let’s explore why Updraft Plus is agame-changer […]

AI for Everyone

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept, but a potentforce shaping our present and future. However, its accessibility anduser-friendliness remain a hurdle for many. Enter Krater.ai, a platform thatdemocratizes AI by making it accessible and empowering for everyone,regardless of technical expertise. With Krater.ai’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features, anyone cancreate, train, and deploy […]

Welcome To Our Blog

In the bustling realm of digital innovation, where ideas collide and creativity knows no bounds, Noraveni emerges as a guiding light—a beacon of inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our journey: the Noraveni Blog. What is the Noraveni Blog? The Noraveni Blog isn’t […]


In the vast expanse of the digital universe, where pixels pulse with potential and creativity knows no bounds, there exists a beacon of innovation—a sanctuary where dreams are sculpted into digital realities. Welcome to Noraveni, where imagination meets technology, and where your digital aspirations find their wings to soar. Who Are We? Noraveni isn’t just […]

Yes, Threads is running a fact-checking program, but the system isn’t fully rolled out

Threads, Meta’s Twitter-like service and competitor to X, may be distancing itself from politics, but that doesn’t mean it won’t try to tackle the misinformation that spreads across social media — particularly in the lead-up to national elections. Following user reports of fact-checks spotted on the network, the company confirmed it’s engaged with fact-checking organizations […]

Amazon and SpaceX are quietly trying to demolish national labor law

Amazon alleged in a legal filing published Friday morning that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is unconstitutional. SpaceX and Trader Joe’s — companies that, like Amazon, have repeatedly faced labor law violations from the federal agency — have recently made similar attacks that threaten national worker protections. This is just Amazon’s latest attempt to block union organizing […]

A peek inside Alphabet’s $7 billion growth-stage investing arm, CapitalG

Almost a year ago, Alphabet’s growth stage venture arm, CapitalG, named partner Laela Sturdy as its new head, just as the unit’s founder, David Lawee, stepped down. Few were surprised Sturdy was promoted to the post. She joined Google in 2007 in a marketing role, was pulled into a number of departments in the following […]

Why are ransomware gangs making so much money?

For many organizations and startups, 2023 was a rough year financially, with companies struggling to raise money and others making cuts to survive. Ransomware and extortion gangs, on the other hand, had a record-breaking year in earnings, if recent reports are anything to go by. It’s hardly surprising when you look at the state of […]